Movie Small Odense

The making of series:

update 1: It’s the 1. of may and the city is packed with people – a great opportunity to capture the city life.
6034 photos where taken from numerous locations.

update 2: Part 2 of my journey begins at the top of an train station. From there I can see almost 180* around from a high altitude. The last place i visited was a hotel close by – The top viewing platform was not assessable from the elevator, but if you took the stairs and went through some hidden doors you could access it! The view was perfect! i stayed until 1 am and went home. This was by far the most fun i have had and I can’t wait to see what the city has to offer next!
12.358 photos where taken from numerous locations.

Finding locations for shooting

Getting permissions for specific buildings
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start: 2012     fin: TBA

Choose Master Soundtrack

Between 89 Tracks i must find the “one”.
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start: January 2012     fin: July 2012

Movie Small Svendborg

Behind the scenes:

start: 2008
fin: end of 2012

Rebuild old FinalCut project and backup files

Some of the mov files have been damaged in the index header and therefore the movie must be re muxed from the original pictures
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Remaster Soundtrack

The whole work is being redone in 1080p with a new track. The length is set to 2min30sec instead of 5min for better commercial use.
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