The Scene

After getting my remote time-lapse controller from Japan, I could finally begin to experiment with time-lapse on my DSLR. This is my first attempt to make an entire movie out of single still images.

The Job

All images are run through Photoshop with a tilt shift lens effect. each image is the combined together in quicktime 7. Final cut pro was used to edit the shots together.

Artist portrait: Miss Lotion

Miss Lotion was given the task to paint a mural for the Annual Odense Film Festival to create awareness.

Artist portrait: Charlotte

Charlotte Weesgaard Knudsen is a talented painter from Denmark. She looks for peace, balance, contrast and perspective – in general – and this is also reflected in her pictures.

Small Odense (wip)

This is the second movie i’m shooting with the Tilt&shift effect. I’m posting the latest part of the series here until it’s finished

Small Svendborg

In 3 weeks I managed to take 50,329 pictures of Svendborg. All images have beenmanipulated in photoshop with scripts. Based on a Tilt & Shift effect so Svendborgseems like a very small stop-motion city.

Livigno 2011

This video shows the beautiful surroundings Livigno has to offer. We departed from Denmark and spend almost 9 days in the the best snow vacation we ever had. If you don’t know Livigno then please read all about it – it’s fantastic!

Expert Golf Match 2011

It’s the first match of the year – namely the Expert match. It has been an cold winter with a lot of snow. Most of the participants haven’t trained during the winter and aren’t counting on winning anything, but the pure fun of just getting to play some golf again. enjoy!